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Tactile Signage has supplied high quality ADA compliant raised text & grade 2 Braille architectural signage per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title 24 of the California Building Code since 1993.

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**SBE Certified**

Specializing in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Raised Text, and Grade II Braille Signs.

The ADA calls for signs which are used to identify Permanent Rooms and Spaces. All such signs must incorporate 1/32" Raised Characters and Grade ll Braille. They are called "Tactile Signs" and they can be fabricated in virtually any shape or color. Per ADAAG Title lll-4.30, a 70% contrast is required.


Announcing our NEW Embossed Powder Coated .060 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Signs. Environmentally Friendly and L.E.E.D. Certified.

We specialize in supplying Tactile Signs per ADA specifications. We supply them in acrylic as well as metal. Our newest product are powder coated embossed stainless steel tactile signs.

  • These were designed by our company for schools and high vandalism sites.
  • They are vandal resistant, durable and weatherproof.
  • Background color: blue, powder coated on stainless steel. Color as per sample submitted unless changed by architect.
  • All room I.D. signs will include raised text and grade ll Braille per ADA and Title 24 CCR.
  • Text and will be embossed (raised) and epoxy pad stamped and baked.
  • The size and font to comply with ADA and Title 24 CCR.
  • Signage schedule will comply with those on plans.
  • Signs shall include holes 4 corners and 6 holes on longer signs

Click Here to view the Drawings & Specifications for Embossed Powder Coated .060 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Signage (.pdf)

For more information on our Embossed Aluminum and Stainless Steel Signs, please Contact Us or call 916-927-5707


Tactile Exit Signs



Emergency Evacuation Maps are a requirement by the Fire Marshall in many states in commercial buildings. These are not required to have raised text and Braille.



Tactile Restroom Signs (BOYS/GIRLS Also Available)